Creativity that works


Wherever design procurement is too costly, time consuming, or demanding on resources, matters need addressing. However, this can be difficult when looking from the inside of an organisation. Only independent appraisal assures a truly objective assessment free from the internal politics found in even the most successful businesses. Steelwave's extensive experience includes:

  • Decades of successful managerial and business ownership
  • A track record spanning the full breadth of graphics and IT
  • Hands-on technical experience in all key areas - from creative design to factory floor print production
  • Large and small clients from local businesses to global brands
  • Customisable integration of IT-management and graphic production

As a rarity within the consultancy field, we offer a dedicated and truly independent service - free from the compromises of sales agendas or generic solutions. In addition to identifying the unique challenges and opportunities within your organisation, detailed analysis will help you plan your future from a fully informed position.

Contact us now describing whatever challenges you face.