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Our Services

We optimise graphic design, brand presentation, pre-press and related workflows with the goals of reducing lead times and maximising efficiency.

  • Clients use us to supply many major supermarkets.
  • We adapt to all client-specific requirements.
  • Workflows integrate with any existing mix of design, reprographic and or suppliers.
  • Bespoke IT solutions are available to meet additional needs.


Web Solutions

Businesses benefit significantly from our online workflows. Benefits include faster hassle-free supply, real-time global image and data availability, and better contingency planning. The excess costs of traditional bricks-and-mortar design agencies and reprographic ‘trade houses’ are removed.

Steelwave’s comprehensive design-to-print web solutions address various issues such as excessive costs and impossible lead times.

  • Web solutions are tailor-made to exact customer needs – however simple or complex.
  • We design and build our own web applications without any third-party reliance.
  • Complementing our web and graphics expertise, we have a proven track record in seamless change-management.

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In addition to providing a broad base of artwork and pre-press services, we often function in close conjunction with other service providers. In such situations our main focus is artwork management rather than production and includes optimising the workflows of other suppliers. This offers clients the freedom to manage each project exactly as they see fit: a solution particularly suited to own-label supermarket supply.

  • We cater for every stage from design to prepress.
  • Clients benefit from secure 24/7 online access to all graphic files both pre and post approval.
  • Location-independent interaction with job progress data saves time.
  • Design, repro and print specifications are securely available to relevant stakeholders.
  • Risk exposure is managed via independent digital asset access.
  • Client resource demand is reduced
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